Benefits of Fall Furnace Maintenance

October 13, 2020

Fall is here, and that means cooler weather coming to the New Jersey area. October is Positive Attitude Month, so let us help keep your family positively comfortable all winter long with a fall tune-up visit. A.J. Perri Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is currently offering one of the lowest prices of the year on our furnace tune-up at just $59, so schedule your fall tune-up service today!

Stay Safe this Winter

Maintaining a positive attitude can be hard enough when your HVAC system goes out, but the last time you want to lose heat is in extremely cold temperatures. Make sure your family stays warm by performing preventative maintenance with an A.J. Perri expert technician before cold weather hits.

Save Money on Utilities

You’ll be much more optimistic when you are keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket. A fall tune-up visit for your furnace will keep it clean and reduce build-up that can make your unit work harder than it has to, saving you a lot of money on utility bills this winter.

Prevent Costly Breakdowns

You’ll also find yourself spending less on costly repairs when you schedule a fall furnace tune-up. Catching small repairs early means that unplanned breakdowns will be less likely later on. In fact, after reviewing hundreds of repair calls, we actually found that more than 50% of those service calls could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

Enjoy Better Efficiency

Performing routine tune-ups each fall can positively improve the efficiency of your furnace, both saving you money and helping the environment. If you’d like to see how efficient your system is at its current age, check out our furnace efficiency calculator. We’d be happy to discuss ways to improve efficiency in your home, as well as the high-efficiency ratings that come with our new system upgrades.

What’s Included in our Tune-Up?

Our 21-step precision tune-up will give you a positive attitude and have you saying “I love those guys!” all year long. And at only $59 for your October tune-up, it’s too good a deal to pass up. Just a few of our professional tune-up services include inspecting for combustible material around the furnace; testing the exhaust system for proper venting; tightening and inspection of all electrical wiring; and much more.

Schedule your fall tune-up\ visit today at (732) 733-2548 or with our online scheduler. And don’t forget, October is a great time for a visit because for every service call this month, A.J. Perri will be donating $1 to breast cancer research!


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