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Your heating system, much like your car, requires regular maintenance to ensure reliability and efficiency. Regular maintenance is also the key to reducing repairs and helping to extend the life of your system.

We have reviewed hundreds of repair calls over the years. In doing so, we discovered that over 50% of these calls could have been avoided with regular maintenance. As a result, we have developed a thorough 21-step tune-up for heating systems. It helps cut down on expensive repairs and to increase your system’s efficiency, which saves you money.

Our Trustworthy Tune-Up

A heating system tune-up is one of the easiest ways to help save money in the long- and short-term. Increased reliability and efficiency, reduced repairs and extended life of your equipment – those all mean money in your pocket!  And at A.J. Perri we’re so confident in our service we offer a money-back guarantee. If your system breaks down this season AFTER our precision tune-up service, we’ll refund you 105% of the cost of the tune-up*. 

Our 21-STEP PRECISION TUNE-UP and professional cleaning are done by an expert technician, who will arrive on time, and complete the job in about one hour.

  1. Combustion analysis for increased safety and efficiency.
  2. Heat exchanger visual and camera inspection (if accessible).
  3. Inspect for combustible material around the furnace.
  4. Test ignition system for safe and proper operation.
  5. Check airflow duct system for carbon monoxide.
  6. Test exhaust system for proper venting.
  7. Measure temperature difference, supply/return.
  8. test safety and control circuits for proper operation.
  9. Inspect filter, 1″ standard filter replaced as needed.
  10. Inspect and adjust fan belt tension.
  11. Lubricate blower motor and clean air vents.
  12. Vacuum and inspect burners.
  13. Check condensate drain line.
  14. Clean and test thermocouple for proper operation.
  15. Inspect pilot burner.
  16. Lubricate all moving parts per manufacturer specs.
  17. Measure amperage and voltage of blower.
  18. Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring.
  19. Check and level thermostat.
  20. Test for natural gas leaks.
  21. Clean furnace exterior.

* With a copy of the invoice reflecting no outstanding recommendations for equipment repair or replacement and within 120 days of invoice.