Heating System & Furnace Installation in New Jersey

Heating Installation In New Jersey

A.J. Perri offers expert furnace installation and replacement services in New Jersey. For more than 50 years, we have helped homeowners keep warm in the cold winter. In our years of service, we have expanded our business to more than 300 employees. With a fleet of nearly 200 vehicles, we are ready to provide excellent customer service and give back to the community that supports us. If you are looking for professional heating installation services for your New Jersey property, we are delighted to give you the timely and high-quality services you expect.

Beat the Winter Chill With an Updated Heating System

Compared to other states, there’s no question that New Jersey winters can be bitter. At times, it gets so cold that the bottom falls out of the mercury. In 1904, the city of River Vale broke the record with an icy -34 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures that low are an exception, but even the most average winters get pretty cold. In northern New Jersey, Sussex has a chilly average annual temperature around 49 degrees.

Although New Jersey’s average for the coldest months of the year typically stays above freezing, some winters can be much worse. Newark got hit with a cold snap in 1917 that froze the city at -13 degrees. Of course, there have been surprisingly cold events in recent years, as well. In 2018, all stations of the New Jersey Weather and Climate Network measured temperatures that stayed below freezing for a week. Some of those stations recorded periods of cold that approached record levels.

Every year, you don’t know quite what you can expect from the winter. That’s why you need a heating system that maintains the temperature at a comfortable level. Furnace installation can help you stay warm all season, but it also does more. A working furnace ensures a minimum temperature that prevents your pipes from freezing and bursting. Avoiding this problem saves you a lot of hassle and stress, not to mention the expense. You can also take advantage of the reliable filtration provided by the heating system, which improves your indoor air quality, reduces symptoms of allergies or other respiratory issues, and helps to keep your home cleaner.

Reasons to Install a New Heating System

If you’re not sure whether you should schedule heating installation, you should know about the benefits of a new system:

  • Improved Output: New furnaces have greater performance, which means that you can get more output and even heating that is consistent between rooms.
  • Increased Indoor Air Quality: New filtration systems are better at pulling contaminants out of the air, which can make your home feel healthier.
  • Better Efficiency: Older furnaces lose efficiency over time. The latest models have higher efficiency ratings, and they are more likely to keep that efficiency with regular upkeep.
  • More Safety Features: Furnaces produce heat, which can create safety risks in the wrong environment. A new furnace has more safety features to reduce the chances of breakdowns and dangerous problems, such as a fire or backdraft.
  • Better Lifespan: New furnaces benefit from improved technology that reduces the chances of parts breaking or failing. You may get a few extra years out of the latest models.
  • More Conveniences: Furnaces have come a long way in the past couple of decades. With furnace installation, you can take advantage of variable-stage motors, quiet operation, smart thermostats, and more.

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