Long Branch HVAC & Plumbing

A.J. Perri is the most trusted name for plumbing, indoor air quality solutions, and HVAC in Long Branch, NJ. We’re not just the best local contractors — we’re also your neighbors, located right here in the heart of the community. Our experts are dedicated to making sure your home is always cozy and comfortable no matter what the seasons bring. We’ve built a strong reputation over the years for excellence, reliability, and a deep commitment to the community.

Why Choose A.J. Perri?

  • Trusted expertise when it comes to HVAC and plumbing
  • Solutions that are customized to your specific needs
  • Exceptional customer service in every aspect of what we do

Breathe Easy With Our Indoor Air Quality Solutions

When the air inside your home is polluted with allergens, bacteria, and other unwanted particulates, it can be more than uncomfortable — it also can have a negative effect on your health, which is why you should call us for advanced solutions. We can help make your indoor air cleaner, purer, and safer to breathe, making your home as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Your Home Deserves the Best

We’re the best choice for helping you stay comfy in your home even in the scorching heat of summer or the freezing cold of winter. As your trusted providers in Long Branch for plumbing, HVAC and indoor air quality expertise, we have a team of skilled and experienced technicians ready to provide you with whatever you need. Our people know how to ensure your systems work seamlessly throughout the year. We do more than repair or install your equipment — we also strive to build lasting relationships and keep you and your family living as comfortably as possible.

Whether you have a leaky faucet or need a full HVAC system overhaul, you can count on us to provide the same dedication and precision to the task. Our highest priority is providing you with peace of mind, so you can be sure you’ll always be in good hands.

Get in touch with us today to experience the A.J. Perri difference for yourself and make comfort a reality. We serve the entire area, including nearby Branchport, East Long Branch, Elberon, Hollywood, Kensington Park, North Long Branch, Pleasure Bay, West End, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions in Long Branch, NJ

How does Long Branch’s peak summer temp affect AC units?

The area’s hottest month typically is July, with an average high temperature of 83.6 degrees Fahrenheit. During periods of extreme temperature, homeowners may run their AC more frequently, which puts extra wear and tear on their systems. This is why you should call us for expert maintenance and air conditioning repair in Long Branch, NJ, to keep your equipment in good shape.

Where do residents inquire about HVAC system permits?

If you want to install or modify an HVAC system in your home, you should pay attention to all the local regulations. This should include contacting the city’s Building Department at 344 Broadway for guidance on meeting all city standards.

How might Long Branch’s chilly nights impact heating systems?

With nighttime temperatures falling below freezing more than 87 days per year, homeowners in Long Branch need to be prepared. Calling us for furnace or heat pump maintenance means your system will be ready for whatever winter dishes out to you.

How do strong storms affect HVAC systems?

Long Branch was one of many communities hit hard by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The impact of strong storms like this one can cause serious damage to HVAC systems due to high winds, flooding, and debris. This is why it’s important to have experts servicing your equipment to keep it in prime condition.