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Working Together to Help Prevent Water Damage and Bring Peace of Mind

LeakSmart® is leak & flood protection solved. It helps detect and stops water leaks in 5 seconds or less so you never come home to a water catastrophe. Do you realize what would happen to your house if you had water damage? Whether it is a broken pipe that floods your entire basement or a leaking appliance backing up into your home, water damage can be a catastrophe and an emotionally trying experience. 9 gallons a minute alone can ruin your entire house. LeakSmart® is a revolutionary way to not only notify you if there’s a water leak but to also tell your water main to shut off automatically to prevent any further damage.

When paired with Nest®, LeakSmart® alerts you to turn off your HVAC unit if a leak is detected nearby. It reminds you to turn off your water main if you are away for more than 48 hours.

If the leakSMART® system detects a water leak when Nest® senses you’re away, it will automatically shut off your home’s main water valve and also give you the option to dial an emergency contact through the leakSMART® app. This integration helps provide even greater peace of mind and home protection from water damage. Additionally, since the combination of leaking water and extreme temperatures can spell disaster, your leakSMART® app will display your Nest® Learning Thermostat’s indoor temperature and humidity readings.

Leaks are disastrous. LeakSmart® is essential.

LeakSmart® & Nest® Thermostat

Working together, allows leakSMART® to show Nest® Thermostat’s room temperature and humidity. New HVAC sensor mode will notify you to shut off your thermostat if a leak is detected in your HVAC system.

LeakSmart and add-ons
Nest Thermostat

LeakSmart® sensors can detect leaks anywhere in your home.

The Nest® and leakSMART® integration will help homeowners feel more comfortable knowing that at the first sign of a water leak, the two will seamlessly work together to automatically shut off the home’s main water valve and provide the ability to call an emergency contact. Without any human intervention, the leakSMART® system shuts off the home’s water in less than five seconds whenever a wireless leakSMART® sensor detects a water leak.

LeakSmart Sensor
House Cutaway showing how LeakSmart might be distributed throughout a home

According to the Insurance Information Institute, more than 2.6 million homes experience water damage every year. Many times, burst supply lines or faulty appliances cause this devastating and costly water damage. In fact, it is the second most common home insurance claim in the U.S.