Hydronic Boiler Repair & Installation in New Jersey

We’re proud to offer our customers Carrier® Hydronic Boilers. Carrier Hydronic boilers provide energy-efficient, precision heating, comfort, and long-lasting reliability.

What is Hydronics?

Hydronics is a heating technology that relies on water to transfer heat energy into a space, creating a moist heat while providing a more comfortable living environment. Hydronic systems work in conjunction with baseboard heating, radiators, or radiant heating and have a lifespan of 18 to 20 years or more.

Features & Benefits of Carrier Hydronic Boilers:

  • Gently circulated heat without sudden on-and-off cycling for continuous comfort
  • Heat supplied where needed
  • Up to 96% AFUE
  • Oil- or Gas-fired
  • Integrated boiler control options
  • Durable heat exchanger
  • Optional PVC pipe installation
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • 10-year parts limited warranty (some models up to 20-year parts limited warranty)

With approved credit, we can even help you finance a new Carrier boiler. With all of these options, A.J. Perri takes the guesswork out of choosing a heating system for your New Jersey home.

For more on hydronic boilers or any of our other products and services, please contact us. Don’t forget to ask us about our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Hydronic Boilers: A Reliable Heating Option for Your Home 

Staying warm in New Jersey can be challenging, especially when the temperature drops below zero. The state’s climate means frigid winters are common, but having a properly installed and maintained heating system can ensure you and your family will be comfortable all year-long. We specialize in hydronic boiler installation in NJ, providing your home with dependable warmth no matter what the weather has to offer. When you turn to our experts for hydronic heating services, you can rest assured that we will keep your system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hydronic boiler system and how does it work?

When you have a hydronic boiler system in your home, you use hot water to keep your home comfortable during the winter. Hot water from the boiler is pumped through pipes to radiators, baseboards or underfloor heating systems. It also works the way a traditional water heater does, supplying hot water for your shower, dishwasher and other fixtures or appliances.

What are the benefits of using a hydronic boiler heating system?

Having a hydronic boiler installation performed in your home gives you a number of advantages over other types of systems. These include even heat distribution, quiet operation, typically longer lifespans and greater energy efficiency. It’s also possible to set them up for zoning, meaning you’ll be able to control the temperature in different areas of your house independently of each other.  

How often does a hydronic boiler need to be serviced?

We typically recommend that you call our experienced hydronic heating contractors at least once a year to provide complete inspections and maintenance. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to check out your equipment and provide any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure it continues to provide peak performance.  

What are the signs I need hydronic heating system repair?

Some of the most common warning signs that there could be a problem with your system include uneven heating, odd sounds coming from your boiler, leaking water and frequent cycling on and off. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, you need to give us a call right away to prevent any further damage to your heating system or your home.  

Can hydronic heating systems be installed in any home?

Yes, these units can be installed in almost any type of home. However, you should contact us as your hydronic heating installers before you do anything else. We have the experience to help you choose the ideal system for the size of your home and its heating needs as well as your budget. Our pros have the knowledge and know-how to assess your property and suggest the make and model that’s right for you.  

How much does a hydronic heating system installation cost?

There are a number of factors in play to determine the price of your system. These include the size of your house, the kind of equipment you select and how complicated the installation process will be. No matter the cost, installation can be well worth it when you consider how much it can save you on your utility bills over time.  

Why should I hire professionals for hydronic boiler repairs and installation?

These are complex systems that require a certain level of expertise to install and service correctly, and we have experience. If you try to install or repair a hydronic boiler on your own, it could result in poor performance or even lead to serious injuries. Our technicians arrive with all the tools and techniques needed to keep your system running at optimal levels, ensuring your home will remain safe and comfortable.