Do You Make the 5 Most Common Heating Mistakes?

September 22, 2014

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We all make mistakes. That’s what insurance is for, after all.

But who wants to pay for mistakes with higher heating bills- especially when the objective is to SAVE money, not spend more?

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we’ll be your energy savings superheroes. Take our advice and start saving today.

Top 5 Home Heating Mistakes

1. Cranking Up the Thermostat. Turning the heat up higher does not heat your home any faster. Most furnaces pump heat out at a consistent rate, regardless of how high you set your thermostat.

2. Forgetting to Change the Air Filter in Your System. The dirtier the air filter, the harder your system must work to heat your home. Plus, a dirty air filter creates more dust and recirculates pollutants into the air you breathe. Try changing the air filter on the same day every month to help you remember.

3. Closing the Vents in Unused Rooms. Forget what your grandma said, closing off certain rooms or areas of your home will not save you money on your utility bills- it will cost you more. By closing heating vents in your home, you may accidentally cause an imbalance in your heating system. You are better off keeping your vents and interior doors open and allowing your system to circulate more evenly.

4. Leaving an Exhaust Fan Running. Don’t forget to turn off the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bath when you no longer need them. The purpose of an exhaust fan is to pump air outside of your home. We doubt you want to pay to heat the outdoors.

5. Ignoring a Draft. Never underestimate the impact a little leak can have on your heating bill. The fact is, air leaks in your home can cost you up to 30 percent of your home’s energy usage. Check your windows, doors and exterior walls for drafts and seal them up before it gets too cold. Don’t forget to check the biggest culprits for air leaks, the attic and the basement.

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