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Why does the water in my toilet tank keep overflowing?

Oh no! Your toilet is overflowing, and you need to stop it as quickly as possible. Here are some potential solutions to your running commode.

It’s clogged!

The most common reasons for toilets overflowing is the water not being able to move due to blockage. You can generally fix this by using a plunger unless the blockage is further down the drain line. In this case, you’d need a toilet snake, closet augur, or a professional.

Your fill valve has a leak in it.

If you’ve recently replaced the fill valve, it’s possible it was set too high. If you have an old fill valve, it could be damaged from years of use. Once replaced, the water should subside.

Pipe problem?

Is the problem resulting from the pipes inside or around the exterior of your home? The lines that run from your house to the main sewer line can get stopped up from foreign objects and even tree roots, or from blockages due to cracked or busted lines. If you find water in your basement, this is another indicator that the problem is beyond your toilet.

 Low-Flow Toilet

Older, low-flow toilets generally cannot handle everything you try to flush. Too much toilet paper may be more than your toilet can take, causing it to overflow. Don’t flush heavy paper, diapers, feminine products or even dental floss or hair down the drain. A small amount of these things can cause a big problem for your plumbing.

If your overflowing toilet seems to be out of your hands, contact a plumber. You don’t want to let this problem continue, as it could lead to higher costs and potential water damage in your home.