Tuning Up Your Air Conditioner Prevents it from Breaking Down

April 06, 2015

Tuning Up Your Air Conditioner Prevents it from Breaking Down

One of the best ways to keep your belongings working in peak condition is to take care of them with regular maintenance.

This is true for your air conditioner just as it is true for your car.

If you own a car, you wouldn’t dream of driving it for years at a time without an oil change. Just like your car, your air conditioner has moveable parts, is subject to the weather and requires annual maintenance to help prevent it from breaking down.

In fact, inadequate maintenance is one of the top three commonly cited causes for problems with air conditioners.                


Many people wrongly assume they can skip annual tune-ups for their air conditioner, or just do it themselves. However, by neglecting one of the most expensive systems in their home, they are doing themselves, not to mention their heating & cooling system, a disservice.

According to Energy.gov, “Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.”

In case you need more reasons to take care of your a/c tune up this year, here are three more.

A Tune-Up for Your Air Conditioner Will Pay for Itself. Having your system properly maintained will help lower repair costs and ensure your air conditioner is operating at peak performance. A more efficient air conditioner often translates to lower operating costs, like heating and cooling bills.

You Can Help to Avoid Unexpected Breakdowns and Early Replacement Costs. A tune-up can help extend the life of your air conditioner. Often, we can catch a problem with your system early, before it becomes an issue that could lead to a breakdown. You can address an issue with your system at your convenience instead of being surprised by an air conditioner that stops working.

You’ll Have the Cleanest Air Conditioner on the Block. A professional tune-up includes thoroughly cleaning your system. A cleaner system operates more efficiently.

Our 21-Step Tune-Up includes much more than a thorough cleaning. Here is what you will get when you call A.J. Perri to maintain your heating & cooling system:

1. Evaporator Coil Camera Inspection (where accessible)
2. Clean or replace 1” standard filter as needed
3. Check blower motor for proper amperage draw, voltage and wiring connections
4. Check condenser motor for proper amperage draw, voltage and wiring connections
5. Check compressor for proper amperage draw, voltage and wiring connections
6. Lubricate all motors
7. Check and level thermostat
8. Inspect condensate drain (if accessible)
9. Inspect condenser coil
10.  Confirm proper charge
11. Inspect safety devices for proper operation
12. Inspect disconnect for any loose connections
13. Tighten all electrical wiring
14. Test/Inspect contractors for burned/pitted contacts
15. Measure temperature difference: supply/return
16. Check sub-cooling/superheat
17. Inspect electrical compartment
18. Test and inspect capacitors
19. Inspect fan blade
20. Check all time delays
21. Inspect service valves

We hope you will give A.J. Perri a call to schedule your 21-step Precision Tune-Up today.

Last Updated: June 27, 2023