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We ask a lot of our air conditioning systems, expecting consistent and reliable comfort day in and day out, especially on those hot, sticky days. Unfortunately, without regular maintenance, your system can fail when you need it most.

Lack of maintenance is the #1 reason heating and cooling systems fail prematurely.

Without annual maintenance, your system loses efficiency, performance declines, and the potential for untimely breakdowns increases. Like any mechanical appliance, maintenance is necessary in order to ensure it continues to work consistently and reliably.

With A.J. Perri, you’ll always get experienced and trained professionals along with the best service and products available. When you schedule a tune-up, you can expect our professional technician to arrive on-time, and ready to do a thorough inspection and cleaning of your system, which takes about an hour.

At A.J. Perri we offer a 21-STEP PRECISION TUNE-UP

Cooling Tuneup

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