Add Air Conditioning Check-up to your Spring Cleaning List

March 23, 2011

Now that spring is here, it's the perfect time to schedule a tune-up for your air conditioner. A pre-season check of your cooling system prior to the summer months can be a real money saver. When your air conditioner is running well it uses less energy to cool your house, and lower energy usage means bigger savings on your monthly utility bills. Air conditioners at peak efficiency will use up to 30 percent less electricity and last years longer*. Early air conditioner maintenance can also reveal most small problems that can lead to major, more expensive problems if left unattended. And, if your air conditioner checkup is scheduled for spring, you'll beat the scheduling delays that come with peak season repair visits. You'll also be able to schedule a heating & cooling professional to come out when it's most convenient for you. Below are some great tips to consider before turning your air conditioner on for the season:

  • Have a professional air conditioning technician perform a pre-season tune-up. This ensures that your air conditioning system is working appropriately and efficiently before hot weather arrives.
  • Before turning on your unit make sure the condensing unit located outside is not covered up. This unit needs to draw air into the system in order to have something to cool and blow out inside, but the process will be hindered if it cannot pull enough air from the outside.
  • Clean obvious obstructions such as newspaper, leaves, etc. from around the exterior of the unit.
  • A thoroughly cleaned air conditioning unit will operate at top efficiency. Homeowners are strongly discouraged from using a hose and water to try to clean it themselves because of the very serious risk of electrical shock and possible shorting of electrical components. You should contact a licensed HVAC professional.
  • Run your air conditioner for a few minutes now, before you need it. If you wait until the first hot day to discover it isn't working, you'll find yourself on a waiting list, sweltering sometimes for days before an air conditioning specialist can come to fix it.
  • Change the filters regularly. Dirty filters restrict airflow, reducing efficiency and, worse case, causing the evaporator to ice up. Disposable fiberglass filters should be checked monthly and replaced when dirty. Electrostatic or electronic filters need to be washed regularly.
  • Be sure all access panels are secure, with the screws in place.
  • Be sure the thermostat is set in the cooling mode. Just setting the dial below room temperature will not activate the air conditioning if it is set in the heat mode.

Have more questions? Contact us on our Ask An Expert webpage. Source:, “Tips for an Energy Efficient Home”


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