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A NEST Cam unit

Meet the Nest Cam family

Security camera. Pet cam. For everything you need, there’s a Nest Cam.

A NEST Cam unit in black

What makes a Nest Cam a Nest Cam

Every Nest Cam plugs into power so it won’t miss a second, can send helpful notifications to your phone, and is designed with an all-glass lens and premium materials.

A mounted NEST Cam unit

Record everything. Just in case.

Store up to 30 days of continuous video in the cloud. And quickly find key moments in the Nest app.

NEST Cam IQ Outdoor mounted to a wall

Inside or Out

Different models designed to go where you need them, whether indoors or outdoors.

All the unexpected moments.

Turn any part of your video history into a clip or timelapse you can share with friends, family or the police.

A NEST Cam sitting on a desktop