Why Is My Water Heater Making Strange Noises?

May 06, 2021

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Most homeowners take water heaters for granted.  It's not until they step into an ice-cold shower that they realize how vital it is in their daily lives. So, if this necessity suddenly starts making strange noises, then pay attention. But take heart; a noisy appliance doesn't always mean big fixes (and big money).

Maintenance is key

At A.J. Perri, we believe maintenance is critical in keeping appliances running smoothly and efficiently. When most homeowners think of maintenance, they think of their heating and cooling system. But spending time and money on routine maintenance for your water heater can help save you many headaches down the road. There are many simple fixes you can even do on your own.

What's that noise?

If your water heater starts popping, crackling, or rumbling, it may signal that sediment build-up or mineral deposits are present at the bottom of the tank. This can especially be a problem for homes with hard water (a water softener can help). The best way to avoid this problem is by flushing the tank of your water heater. Doing this once a year is a great way to increase the performance and efficiency of your unit, which can lead to a longer lifespan and lower energy bills.

Crackling or sizzling noises may indicate that there is condensation on the burner. A leak could cause this, so it is essential to inspect the ground around your water heater for signs of moisture. A humming sound generally is caused by water flowing around the heating element. Knocking and tapping sounds can be caused by pipes that rattle against the sides when water pressure is suddenly changed, like when a toilet is flushed or the dishwasher cycles on or off.

One sound that may worry homeowners the most is a screeching or scream-like sound. While it may be startling to hear, this is usually caused by a valve that is not fully released, forcing the water through too small of an opening.

In general, if you hear a funny sound or something that feels off about your water heater, inspect the ground around the unit to check for leaks and carefully listen so that you can tell the technician exactly what you are hearing. Some problems may require a complete replacement of your unit, but with A.J. Perri, you are in good hands. We offer both on-demand water heaters and traditional models, and our trained service technicians are here to walk you through any questions you may have regarding your purchase.

Whether you need your water heater flushed, repaired, or replaced, call the professionals at A.J. Perri. When we hear of a customer in need, we spring into action to offer only the highest quality service, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can have complete peace of mind. Next time your water heater sounds like it needs some attention, contact us!

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