What to Expect from a Home Energy Assessment

November 10, 2020


Have you ever considered doing an energy assessment on your home? As participating members of the New Jersey Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program, our certified technicians at A.J. Perri Plumbing, Heating and Cooling can take inventory of the current efficiency in your home and provide you with a report. Read on to learn more about what you can expect in your next home energy assessment.

What is the New Jersey Clean Energy Program?

As a part of the state Board of Public Utilities, New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program offers financial programs and services for primary New Jersey residents and businesses to help save energy, money, and our environment. They partner with a number of trade allies in the state, including the experts at A.J. Perri, to perform local home energy assessments.

What can I expect from my assessment?

At A.J. Perri, our certified technicians are specifically trained in a wide variety of diagnostic tools in order to assess your home’s energy usage. Your inventory report will include a health and safety check (carbon monoxide levels, moisture, and indoor air quality), the overall comfort level, air-sealing opportunities, insulation levels, heating and cooling system efficiency, and domestic hot water–system efficiency. The assessment may take up to three hours.

What should I do with my report?

When your home energy assessment is complete, your report will include measures that you and A.J. Perri technicians can take to increase your system’s efficiency. Our top recommendation is to stay current with your regular HVAC maintenance in order to keep your system running at top efficiency and using only the appropriate amount of energy.

We’ll also provide you with the many financial incentives offered by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program that help you pay for your recommended home improvements.

How else can I assess my energy usage?

If you would like to make a rough estimate of your HVAC system’s current efficiency, you can use our online efficiency calculator. Keep in mind that an A.J. Perri home energy assessment will provide much more detail and suggestions to improve your home’s efficiency, but this is a good place to start.

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program also partners with local natural gas and electric utility companies to analyze the energy usage in your home. These companies include Jersey Central Power & Light, Public Service Electric & Gas, Elizabethtown Gas, New Jersey Natural Gas and South Jersey Gas. You can contact them directly to learn about their analysis options either online or in your personal utility account.

Schedule your home energy assessment with A.J. Perri today at (732) 733-2548 or online. You’ll be so thankful you did!

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