Top 7 Reasons to Maintain Your Furnace

October 19, 2016

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As the temperatures start to cool, you'll want to know that your furnace is ready to handle the change in seasons and the unpredictable winter ahead.

We know that you try to not think about your heating system very often, in fact, it's the furthest from your mind…until you need it and it won't work. That's why it's important to keep your furnace properly maintained so you don't have to think or worry about it.

Here are the top seven reasons to maintain your furnace:

  1. Warranty, warranty, warranty – Did you know that some manufactures require that you have your furnace maintained annually, or it will void or deny any warranty coverage?
  2. Not breaking down on our watch – Routine maintenance reduces the chance of a breakdown because we will clean your unit inside and out. (Did you know that nine out of 10 heating and cooling system failures are because of a buildup of dust and dirt inside?)
  3. Last longer, be stronger – The longer your heating system can last, the more money you can save. The Department of Energy has even said that “proper maintenance extends the life of your furnace or boiler and saves you money.”
  4. Keep costs low, savings high – A properly maintained heating and cooling system will run at optimum capacity, meaning it can prevent an increase in your utility bill that a poorly running HVAC system may cause.
  5. Safety for your family – Because furnaces burn fossil fuel, it can omit harmful gasses into your home like carbon monoxide, this can be very dangerous for your family. A yearly maintenance check will ensure that your furnace is properly exhausting the gasses outside (a cracked heat exchanger can compromise this function).
    Your A.J. Perri technician can test the safety and efficiency of your furnace with our state-of-the-art Combustion Analyzation Equipment that measure the amount of bi-products from combustion in your gas or oil heating system. This testing is included with your A.J. Perri maintenance or tune-up service.
  6. Breathe cleaner – A dirty furnace will recirculate dirty air in your home. A cleaner furnace will recirculate clean air. Which sounds better to you?
  7. Save time, save money – Getting your furnace maintained now means you won't be waiting on a repairman on the coldest day of the year because your furnace broke down, along with several others in the area.

Schedule your furnace maintenance now, before the rush starts. Contact A.J. Perri today and be ready to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at us this winter!

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