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Don’t Go Breaking My Unit: Name Those HVAC Parts

Quiz word written on cube shape wooden blocks on wooden table.

Can you name all of these heating, ventilation and airconditioning parts? Let’s put your HVAC knowledge to the test. You mightsurprise yourself when the answers are revealed at the bottom!

1. What part has temperature sensors that decide whetheryour heater or air conditioning turns on and off?

Hint: there are programmable andnon-programmable options.

2. This part is a key component of your furnace. It absorbsheat and quickly warms the air that’s brought into your home. What part is it?

Hint: All types offurnaces have these and a problem with it could cause a carbon monoxide leak.

3. What furnace part is located on the top or side and letscool air flow through the home?

Hint: When hot air touches this cold coil, it causescondensation.

4. This air conditioner or heat pump part is usuallyinstalled outside of your home. The first step of this part’s job is tocompress and condense refrigerant from its warm gaseous state into a coldliquid that your air conditioner can use. So if this part is dirty, yourelectrical costs may rise, which is why it’s included in our tune-ups.  What part is it?

Hint: After this part completes its job, your system sendsthe liquid to your evaporator coil.

5. Which HVAC parts aren’t typically seen, but are locatedin the walls or ceiling and responsible for distributing air? Hint: Exposingthis part became a major design trend in 2013.


1. Thermostat

2. Heat Exchanger

3. Evaporator Coil

4. Compressor (also called Condenser Coil)

5. Ductwork