Closing off heating vents will not save you money on your heating bills.

February 23, 2015

Closing heating vents in unused rooms in your home has been a common practice in the past, but it doesn’t save you money on your heating bill.

The practice dates to a much earlier time in history when homes were heated from one central location, like a fireplace.

Back then it worked. 

Today, however, central heating and air conditioning is a standard in our homes and closing off less used rooms by shutting vents, or doors, can raise your energy costs, not reduce them.

Why does closing your heating vents cost you more money?

First, heating & cooling systems in modern homes are designed to heat or cool the entire home and are sized according to this need.

By shutting off a section of airflow, you increase the air pressure within the system, which increases the amount of leakage from the ductwork.

Second, too many closed vents can cause your furnace to break down. 

Your system relies on a certain amount of airflow to maintain a certain temperature.  Reducing airflow in your furnace can cause furnace burners to shut down to prevent overheating and possible damage to your system.

Once this occurs, your system can no longer heat.

Finally, most doors inside your home are not weather-stripped- this allows cold air to be drawn into your warm air. Your system will only have to work harder to compensate for closed vents that were installed to handle the closed off rooms.

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