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How Spring Weather Affects Your System

Drenching downpour rain storm water is overflowing off the tile shingle roof - streaming, rushing and splashing out over the overhanging eaves trough aluminum roof gutter system on a suburban residential colonial style house near Rochester, New York State, USA during a torrential mid-summer July downpour.

You need April showers to bring May flowers but spring storms aren’t always kind to your heating and air conditioning system. There are several major ways extreme weather can affect your system; be aware of the following:

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8 Ways to Beautify Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Senior Woman Watering Flowers In Garden

The sun is shining longer, and you’re looking at your yard and considering how you can make it bloom now that winter is gone. But then you see it. Your outdoor condenser unit with all of its metal beauty. If your outdoor unit doesn’t blend in with your aesthetic landscaping, consider these DIY-design options.

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What to Expect when Expecting a New System

Family holding boxes and smiling.

Maybe it’s the sun shining a little warmer or Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix, that ignites the spring mentality that drives us to clean out the old and create a fresh space. If you’re worried that your HVAC system is on its way out, consider the benefits of replacing your aging unit. Lower Utility…

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Spring Cleaning begins with HVAC

The seasons are changing but we know it will be a few more weeks until it actually feels like winter has passed. Spring fever is prevalent and with it comes the need to clean out homes that have been closed up against the extreme cold. Before breaking out the mop and donation boxes, keep in…

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Name a More Iconic Duo – Your System + Maintenance Agreement

Handshake on blue background

Peanut butter and jelly, Patriots and the Super Bowl, your home HVAC system and annual maintenance. If you’ve never considered how iconic and important a maintenance agreement is for your home, then consider the long-term benefits of the decision. When you invest in a Blue Guardian Maintenance Agreement, with A. J. Perri, you’re investing in…

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6 Ways to Love on your HVAC System

Cut out paper house over Sunset

February is the month of romantic chocolates and cold temperatures. Show your HVAC system some love and stay cozy all month long. Surprise your HVAC system with something they love! Change out old filters for new ones to help keep your system clean and happy. Make time for your vents. Check your home vents to…

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DIY Home Air Fresheners

Baking any kind of sweet treat makes your home smell wonderful but baking every day would be an impractical solution to wanting your home to smell great. If your resolution this year is to refresh your home, consider these DIY options that make your home smell wonderful without breaking out the baking tools. Craft an…

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4 Easy Resolutions for you and your HVAC system

“New year, new me,” said every Facebook friend. The grocery store is sold out of leafy greens, the gyms are full, and everyone is struggling to keep up with their fitness goal by mid-February. Resolutions can be difficult and take time to become a habit. But what if there were simple resolutions that also improved…

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What is that noise coming from my furnace?


You’ve been using your heat more as the weather gets colder, and you might notice some noises that seem to coincide with the furnace kicking on. These might be nice quiet sounds, like the low steady hum of fans and motors, or air whooshing through your vents. However, there may be other noises that are…

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How to shop for a new heating/cooling system

It’s true that a new heating and cooling system represents a hefty investment – but it serves a crucial function in your home.  Knowing how to shop for a new system can help save you money up front and in the long run.   The initial price isn’t everything   After you recover from your…

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