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5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know

5 Things a homeowner should know

OK, homeowners, June is National Homeownership Month. And whether you’re a new homeowner or a seasoned one, we’re betting there are still a few things you don’t know about owning your own home. And that’s OK! Life is all about learning—even when it comes to your home. National Homeownership Week was started in 1995 under…

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: An AC Tune-Up!

Let’s face it. There is no one in the world more special than Mom. As kids she taught us rules, manners, cooking, cleaning, and even how to be kind to one another. So as Mother’s Day approaches, isn’t now the perfect time to think about repaying her? Of course it is! And while flowers and…

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It’s Time for March Madness!

Any college basketball fans out there? If so, you’re probably getting pumped up for March Madness. As many sports fans know, March Madness is the well-known nickname for the NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball tournament. It’s the single-game elimination tournament that’s held each March and drives basketball fans “mad” as they hope and pray their…

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Cozy Tips for Falling in Love with Your Home

We’ve been experiencing some bitter temperatures and whipping winds the last few weeks in our New Jersey area. And all we can say is “Brrr!” We guess it’s Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that winter is in full swing. So, as we confront these chilly days and prepare for the deep freeze of February,…

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Keep Your Furnace in Top Shape All Winter

Whether you love it or hate it, there is one thing winter always brings to New Jersey residents—very, cold, weather. So, when the bitter temperatures arrive in your New Jersey home, you need to be prepared. How can you be certain you’re ready for winter? Easy. You make sure your furnace is in top shape,…

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How to Prep Your Plumbing for Winter

Winter Home

With winter on the horizon, we find ourselves doing many things to prepare for colder weather. From stocking up on boots and sweaters to scheduling chimney maintenance and installing snow tires on our cars, there are many consistencies we do every winter in preparation for the weather changes. But with all the hustle and bustle…

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Creepy House Sounds Sending Chills Down Your Spine?

Fall’s spooky season is well underway. With Halloween just around the corner, kids will soon be trick-or-treating, and homeowners will be busy decorating their porches with jack-o-lanterns and ghostly decorations. It’s all in good fun as we anticipate Halloween night. But do you know what’s not fun? When those spooky sights and sounds slip like…

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A.J. Perri Announces Support of Numerous Statewide Charitable Programs

TINTON FALLS, NJ — A.J. Perri, among New Jersey’s top providers of plumbing, heating and cooling, and indoor air quality services, is continuing its long tradition of community support by participating in a variety of charitable initiatives throughout the fall. A. J. Perri is proud to support Students Change Hunger (SCH), a friendly competition in…

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