7 Surefire Signs You May Be an Undercover Superhero Plumber

September 10, 2015

What kid doesn’t want to be a Super Hero when they grow up?

After all, superheroes get to wear cool capes and save the world. But then we grow up and realize superheroes are make-believe, and we trade our dreams of glory for early morning commutes.

But- WAIT!

What if we had it all wrong about the capes and superheroes are a bit more ‘under-cover’ than that?

Have you ever secretly wondered what it must feel like to control the water?

Okay, so A.J. Perri Technicians may not be able to control the water exactly, but they do help to maintain or restore clean water and drain flow to thousands of homes in New Jersey. (And we think reliable water and unclogged drains are pretty important!)

At A.J. Perri we think our technicians are Super Heroes, and we think you might be one too. Keep reading to discover if you may be a Super Hero Under-Cover Plumber.

7 Signs You Might Be a SuperHero Under-Cover Plumber

1. You have ever dressed up as Mario OR Luigi for Halloween (or just for fun, too).

2. You think fixing things is cool and spent hours as a teenager taking your bike/car/major home appliances apart to see how they ‘worked.’

3. The idea of sitting behind a desk everyday bores you to tears.

4. Speaking of tears, you love all things water related.

5. You dug digging holes and playing in the mud as a kiddo.

6. You agree that “a little dirt never hurt.”

7. You enjoy saving the day, which our plumbers do on a daily basis.

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