6 Warning Signs Your Furnace is Going to Die.

September 08, 2014

Are you afraid your furnace isn’t going to make it through another cold season?

If you’ve noticed its been making unusual noises lately- you may be right.

And you’re not alone. Last winter was rough on most everyone, and many local furnaces didn’t make it out alive.

There is no better time than the present to diagnose the current state of your furnace and plan ahead for a new one.

Losing your furnace in the middle of winter isn’t just annoying- it’s dangerous.

We recommend scheduling a tune-up now. Experts are predicting another record-breaking New England winter.

Keep reading for warning signs you are going to need a new furnace soon.

Beware of the following:

1. Strange Noises. Old furnaces often make banging or rattling noises as they near the end of their lives. You may also notice your furnace is noisier as it cycles on and off more frequently.

2. Rising Gas or Electric Bills. Rising prices aren't the only reason your energy bill may be going up. Furnaces lose efficiency with time and lack of regular maintenance.

3. Frequent Repairs. Your furnace will break down more often as it ages. Just like a car, you may benefit more from replacing it as it becomes more and more expensive to maintain.

4. Hot or Cold ‘Spots' in Your Home. As your furnace becomes less effective, you may notice some areas of your home don't heat as quickly or efficiently as others.

5. Stale or Stuffy Air. Older furnaces often strain to provide the same level of comfort they have easily maintained in the past. Have you or someone in your family been suffering from a dry throat or skin… your furnace could be to blame.

6. Poor Indoor Air Quality. Just as older furnaces struggle to moisturize the air, they also lack the ability to filter the air in your home. You will notice dirt and dust begin to build-up quickly in your home.

If you have more than one of these signs and would like the peace of mind a furnace tune-up or free consultation would provide you, please give us a call. We would love to send someone right over.

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