10 Tips for Combating Spring Allergies

May 04, 2021

Is your family suffering from allergies this season? You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers … and pollen and allergies, too. Spring into action with these tips for combating allergies from the HVAC experts at A.J. Perri Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Keep your family breathing easier all season long in your New Jersey home with these quick and simple tips!

1. Limit time outside

Going outside is one of the best parts of spring, but it can often trigger allergies if you are sensitive to pollen or other outdoor irritants. The pollen count is generally highest from 5 to 10 a.m., so try to avoid going outside in the morning to help keep your allergies under control.

2. Change your HVAC filter

If you haven't checked your HVAC filter in a while, it may be time to change it. When your unit gets clogged with dust and debris, the air circulating through your home isn't going to be as filtered as it could be. Cleaning or replacing your filter is a great DIY step to properly maintain your HVAC system.

3. Keep wearing a mask

While the COVID pandemic is winding down in most areas, you might want to hold onto that face mask. If your allergies are extremely severe, wearing a mask may help you breathe easier, especially if outside on days when the pollen count is high.

4. Shut the windows to keep pollen out 

A spring breeze may be lovely to feel in your home, but watery eyes and a runny nose are not. Shutting your windows will help keep allergies in check at home.

5. Use your air conditioner to stay cool

As the weather gets milder and the temperature rises, turn to your air conditioner to stay cool instead of opening windows or fans. Your air conditioner circulates the air already inside your home, rather than bringing in air from the outside, which could contain allergens and pollen to irritate your sinuses.

6. Leave shoes at the door

Did you know that even your shoes can track pollen into your home? Avoid bringing in more unnecessary pollutants by taking your shoes off when you come home and leaving them in the garage or near the door.

7. Try an air purifier or scrubber

The air filters and purifiers offered at A.J. Perri can reduce the bacteria, allergens, respirable dust and other airborne contaminants in your air. Our Aerus ActivePure can even kill COVID-19 on surfaces!

8. Don't line dry your clothes or sheets

Line-drying your clothes outside may save energy, but it will cost your nose a lot of irritation due to the inevitable pollen coating the fabric. If you want that freshness or simply can't give up the energy savings, try line drying your clothes inside your home.

9. Check the weather for the pollen count

If you are severely sensitive to pollen and allergens, consider staying home on days when the pollen count is predicted to be very high. Most weather apps have an option to check the pollen count, so you can avoid going out on days that will be especially hot, dry, or windy.

10. Get a seasonal A/C tune-up

If you haven't yet had your spring A/C tune-up, schedule it now. Regular maintenance will keep your unit working properly to filter your home's air as much as possible. Give us a call today at [csad_phone] so we can spring into action and ensure your system is keeping your family comfortable and sneeze-free at home!

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