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Why is My R-22 Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

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Air conditioners are meant to cool down temperatures, but did you know that an air conditioner itself could actually get too cold? That’s right, too cold. We know it’s hard to believe. Air conditioners can actually freeze up.

There are a handful of reasons why an air conditioner may freeze up; we’ll dive a little deeper into each of those reasons below:

Essentially, what happens is Freon in the air conditioner may be expanding more than it is designed to. Or a blockage has occurred, preventing air in a home from transferring heat into the air conditioner system, causing a freeze up in the unit.

This can happen when…

• There is insufficient airflow across an air conditioner’s evaporator coil.

• When an air conditioner is low on Freon.

• When an air conditioner is run when the outside air is below 62 degrees.

• Or when there is a mechanical failure, aka a kink in refrigerant lines, etc.

An air conditioner cools by taking out heat from a home. If an air conditioner isn’t properly blowing inside air over the evaporator coil then the required heat exchange won’t occur, causing the Freon that should be removing heat from a home to fail from doing just that.

Low pressure in an air conditioner means there is less Freon in the system, but the system is still being forced to expand the same amount, the more expansion equals a cooler temperature.

Air conditioners are designed to be run in a specific temperature range. If the air outside is below 62 degrees then the pressure inside the air conditioner will drop, causing an air conditioner to freeze up.

A frozen air conditioner is never good for the unit itself and it will not cool your home properly, costing you more in utility bills.

Unfortunately, unlike some problems, this one will not solve itself. A frozen air conditioner is a problem that should be addressed immediately by a professional HVAC technician.

Contact A.J. Perri if you are experiencing a frozen air conditioner at your home, we’d be glad to give you a hand.