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Battle of the Air Conditioners: a No Holds Barred Showdown Between Window-Mounted and Ductless Units


Although we would love to say that central air conditioning is for everyone, however, that may not always be the case.  There are times when a window or ductless unit may be the best option.  Wondering which option is best for you?  In the past, many have relied on window-mounted air conditioners to cool older homes, apartments and residential additions.  Believing traditional cooling systems to be out of their reach, some have gone without air conditioning entirely.  Others have turned more recently to ductless-solutions.  Let’s see how these three options might compare in a battle of epic proportions.

Meet Our Contenders

No Air Conditioning-  The least expensive of the three options, going without air conditioning of any kind is a great way to avoid having to host family dinners or holiday gatherings.  This is the best option for those who don’t mind sticking to furniture and live by the motto, “No Pain, No Gain.”  Then again, think of all the energy you’re saving.  We have a feeling no air conditioning wouldn’t put up much of a fight.

Window-Mounted Air Conditioning-  The most recognizable and common choice, window-mounted air conditioning units are indeed the quickest, easiest and least expensive cooling systems to install.  They are the best option for those who aren’t concerned with the overall efficiency and are looking for a quick fix.  People who live on noisy streets may appreciate their wall-mounted air conditioner’s ability to drown out all other noises while in use, and they are always good for an adrenaline rush when considering the implications of leaving a window open at all times.  These guys will put up a fight until they fall out of the window.

Ductless Air Conditioning-  Our brings us to our final contender, the ductless mini-split.  The “youngest” of the three, the ductless is the wall-mounted wonder kid of the heating and cooling world.  Still a less expensive alternative to central air conditioning, the ductless mini-split is becoming more popular as more people discover the versatility they offer.  Some models can be set up for multi-room cooling, and many can be used to heat a home in the winter too.  However, because ductless systems are more involved than window-mounted units, a professional technician, who will drill through exterior walls in the process, must install them.  People who are looking for a more efficient, less obtrusive form of cooling will be pleased with the benefits of a ductless mini-split, these systems will not be going down for the count.

And the Winner Is…

All options considered, we think the winner depends on your particular needs.  If you still consider central air conditioning the winner, keep in mind that A.J. Perri offers flexible financing options to keep the cost of a new system affordable.  Call us today to discuss your options.