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Save Water, Energy and Money with Green Plumbing

Tinton Falls, NJ, July 29, 2010 – “Going green” is not a new term for most of us, however, it might be as it applies to the plumbing in your home. According to Kevin Perri, President of A.J. Perri Heating and Cooling, “Green plumbing is plumbing that is designed to be the most energy efficient and at the same time conserve the most water. A great by-product of saving on water and energy is that you will also be saving on your monthly utility bills.” Green plumbing involves anything from changing traditional fixtures and faucets, to water saving fixtures, to installing energy saving water heaters.  Some basic green plumbing products include toilets, sinks and showerheads, water heaters, hot water re-circulating, and high-efficiency appliances.