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Federal Tax Credits and Utility Rebates Still Available on Central Air Conditioning Systems

Tinton Falls, NJ, (June 2011) – The already rising temperatures this summer are running many air conditioning systems into overdrive and causing older systems to sweat it out. Homeowners with older systems may find that their air conditioners aren’t cooling as efficiently or maybe not be cooling at all, and with money tight it’s hard to think about spending extra money on anything. A.J. Perri, a local heating and cooling service company, wants homeowners to know that there are still federal tax credits and state utility rebates available for homeowners who want to replace older systems with newer, energy efficient ones.

Kevin Perri, Vice President of A.J. Perri states, “Through 2011 the federal government is still offering federal tax credits equal up to 10% of the installed price. You can save up to $300 on qualifying central air conditioning systems and up to an additional $150 on qualifying heating systems, equaling a total of up to $500 in savings when replacing both. To qualify for these credits the central air conditioning system must have greater than or equal to 16 SEER and EER = 13; in the case of heat pumps: SEER=15, EER=12.5 and HSPF=8.5; and for a furnace AFUE>/= 95% with an ecm motor. At A.J. Perri we can help you choose the right system to qualify for these tax credits, making this process easier for you.”

According to Perri, homeowner’s are also eligible for up to $1000 Advantage Utility rebates, valid while funds last, on 92 AFUE (or higher) heating systems with an ecm motor, up to $400; compressor and coil combination (a/c) that yield greater than or equal to 16 SEER and EER = 13, and in the case of heat pumps, SEER = 15, EER = 12.5 and HSPF = 8.5, up to $600.

Currently New Jersey is one of only 5 states still offering residential HVAC rebates. To learn more about rebates for central air conditioners and eligibility for this program, visit the New Jersey Clean Energy Website and their COOLAdvantage program,

“We want all of our New Jersey neighbors to be comfortable this summer. We feel it’s our job to help homeowners find the best system to fit their home comfort needs as well as their financial needs. We are happy to help customers take advantage of the great tax credits and rebates currently available. And we’re also able to offer different financing plans tailored to fit the needs of our customers,” states Perri.

Beat the heat this summer while taking advantage of these limited time tax credits and rebates. For more information contact A.J. Perri on their website,