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A.J. Perri Provides Tips to Ensure Heating/Cooling Equipment & Plumbing Are Safe After “Sandy”

November 2, 2012 – Tinton Fall, NJ – A.J. Perri, the leading heating, cooling and plumbing company in central New Jersey, sends heartfelt sympathies to those whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and wants everyone to continue to be safe during this time of recovery.

Kevin Perri, Vice President of A.J. Perri, states, “Our first priority is help those whose lives have been so affected by this disaster; the Garden State is our home and everyone who lives here is our neighbor. Neighbors do everything they can to help neighbors in need. We are working around the clock to ensure our friends’ and neighbors’ homes have heating and plumbing that are functioning safely, and doing it as quickly as possible.  We want to stress to everyone not to take any chances further damaging their homes by trying to operate unsafe equipment. Call a professional, licensed contractor to inspect all the systems in your home before you attempt to run your heating and cooling equipment or use your plumbing,”

Perri cautions, “Any equipment that was exposed to wind, flying debris, or flooding should be examined by a professional before use. Anyone who tries to operate equipment that may be damaged is risking, at a minimum, further damaging the equipment.  There is also the very real possibility of electric shock, gas explosions, or fire.”

It is generally recommended that any equipment that has been exposed to flooding be replaced rather than simply repaired.  “Flooding can cause damage such as corrosion and damage to controls and safety features that is not readily visible; it’s just not worth it to take the chance,” Perri continues.

Equipment that should be repaired or, more advisedly, replaced if it was exposed to flooding includes:

  • Furnaces and boilers. Gas, oil, and electric models should be examined thoroughly by a certified technician before any attempt is made to run them. If propane is involved, be especially careful to avoid the risk of leaks. Any suspicion of damage or corrosion should mean replacement.
  • Air conditioning systems and heat pumps with wiring and plumbing outside are especially vulnerable to flying debris, hurricane-force winds, and water damage. Have it inspected now; do not wait until spring to do this; any minor damage sustained may be evolve into major damage by then. If your system moved on its base even a little bit, the wiring and plumbing may have been compromised.  If this is the case the system needs major repairs or should be replaced. Even if there is no damage to the system, it should still be cleaned, dried, and disinfected.

Plumbing may have also been compromised:

  • Water heaters of any type that are exposed to flood water should be replaced not repaired. Exterior valves and controls may corrode and malfunction, and interior insulation is unsalvageable.
  • Water lines, septic systems, and sewer lines may have been damaged or destroyed by the floods; have a professional check them using a video inspection where possible.

Perri continues, “Another benefit to using a licensed contractor is that, should any of your equipment need to be replaced, you can get an estimate immediately for the most energy-efficient model that is right for your needs.  He’ll also be knowledgeable about any federal tax incentives for the replacements and upgrades.”

A.J. Perri
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