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A.J. Perri Heating and Cooling Gets the Word Out on the Benefits of Hybrid Heat

Tinton Falls, NJ (November 2009) – A.J. Perri Heating & Cooling along with WBHX FM, “The Breeze” radio station are sponsoring a call-in contest that is giving two lucky winners a newly installed hybrid heating system for their home.  A.J. Perri wants to get the word out to homeowners regarding the energy efficient benefits of hybrid heat when heating your home.

With the uncertainty of heating and cooling costs, homeowners in New Jersey are becoming more and more interested in finding the best, most economical solution for heating their homes.  A hybrid heating system like a hybrid car utilizes two energy sources.  With a hybrid car this is usually gasoline and electricity, a hybrid heating system uses both a gas (furnace) and electricity (heat pump).   By utilizing two different energy sources this “smart” system is able to provide energy-efficient comfort no matter what the temperature is outside.  During moderate heating conditions the heat pump will run, as the temperature outside drops, the system will automatically switch to the furnace, your second heating source when that becomes the most economical way to keep your family comfortable.

Mr. And Mrs. Frances Bucco of Matawan, New Jersey, were the lucky recipients of the first of two hybrid heating systems that will be given away.    Bucco states, “The man from A.J. Perri came to my house last night and was so pleasant.  I still can’t believe I won the “hybrid” heating system.  I want to thank you, the A.J. Perri Company, along with the Breeze staff for this wonderful gift.  That was so needed!  All of our thanks!”

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