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“Heating with oil is one of the oldest methods for keeping your home warm through the long winter.”

– Heating & Cooling Service Manager, A.J. Perri

Carrier Oil Furnace

Winter in New Jersey can mean some seriously cold weather. In order to overcome this cold, you’ll need a furnace that can keep up. Oil furnaces are one such alternative for this job.

Oil is a great heating alternative to gas and electric as it has the ability to produce a warmer, more consistent heat. While petroleum products are highly flammable, the oil used in heating homes is not. It is so safe, that a match dropped in it would extinguish. While all heating options can keep you warm, heating with oil has some distinct advantages.

Benefits of an oil furnace:

  • Up to 86% efficiency
  • Low emissions due to greater AFUE
  • More heat produced per BTU

No matter your budget, we offer a range of efficient, economical and reliable systems to suit your needs. As a factory-authorized Carrier dealer, we want to bring you the highest quality heating systems available.

Because we believe in the quality of our products, we offer an exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. For more information on oil furnace pricing and installation contact us, today.