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What can I do in my home to insure cleaner, safer air for my family to breathe?

This is the time of year when homeowners become most concerned with their family’s health. In recent years there has been a strong emphasis on conserving energy and therefore, homes are sealed tighter in order to prevent air from escaping. As a result, fresh air is unable to come in and indoor air contaminants become trapped inside causing poor indoor air quality. Many of the questions that come in to our office are from people who want to know how to improve the quality of air inside their homes making it safer for their families to breathe.

The recent Swine Flu pandemic has people even more concerned. A simple solution to improving the air people breathe at home is the easily installed Guardian Air PHI Cell. The HVAC-PHI Cell is easily mounted into air conditioning & heating system air ducts where most sick building problems start. Not only is it proven to kill 99% of swine influenza virus, but it also uses Photohydroionizaton (PHI) technology to rid homes of other harmful pollutants that cause disease and illness. It is a product that AJ Perri has a lot of confidence in and has been approved by the USDA, FDA and FSIS.

In addition to killing swine flu it also rids homes of gasses & odors up to 85% and microbial bacteria up to 99%, it reduces e coli, listeria, strep and bird influenza by 99%, kills SARS, Candida, Norwalk, MRSA and Bacillius spores, reduces airborne mold by 97% and causes a 99% food surface microbial reduction.