Closing HVAC Vents in Unused Rooms? Money Saving Tips from A.J. Perri Skip to content

Should I close HVAC vents in rooms I don’t use a lot in order to save money?

The practice of closing off vents in parts of your home that aren’t being used in order to save money dates back to when homes were heated from a central location, like a fireplace. Back then it worked. Today homes are equipped with central heating and air conditioning systems, by closing off the parts of your home and shutting vents in those areas, you can actually increase your energy costs, not reduce them. The reason is simple; a modern home’s heating & cooling system is designed to either heat or cool the entire residence, and is sized according to this need. By shutting off a part of the air flow, you increase the air press on the system, which can increase the amount of leakage from the ductwork. In fact, too many vents closed can actually cause your heating & cooling system to malfunction. This is because today’s systems rely on a certain amount of air flow to maintain a certain temperature within them.