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8 Tips for Conserving Water this Summer

As temperatures are rising, it’s likely your water bill is too. This is in part due to running and maintaining pools, increased showering, and watering your lawn and plants. Many people consider these additional water expenses par for the course during the summer, but they don’t have to be! There are steps you can take…

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Bring Your Home into the 21st Century with a Nest Thermostat

While programmable thermostats are nothing new to the heating and cooling world, the 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat offers many time and money saving features that were once just in your imagination. Installing a Nest thermostat saves, up to 12% of yearly heating costs and 15% of yearly cooling costs. The Nest’s ability to increase…

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Renovations that Provide You More Bang for Your Buck

There is no shortage of renovations you can do to make your home more beautiful and more comfortable. From enlarging windows to re-staining floors to reworking the entire floor plan, many renovations are about making your home better and more functional for you. In most cases, homeowners choose their renovation based on personal style and…

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How HVAC equipment becomes a system

HVAC system

Every HVAC system is different. Some people have one system, some two. Some people heat their home with boilers, others furnaces. For those outside of the HVAC industry, these systems can be a mystery. You may think that only the furnace and AC unit make up your heating and cooling system, but there are actually…

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Sump Pumps: What You Need to Know

Sump pumps

Just one inch of water can take hours of clean up and leaves your home at risk for mold, rot, and other major issues. Sump pumps are an easy solution to help address this issue. A sump pump will help keep your basement and beneath your home dry.

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Heating Solutions Explained


Home heating is crucial in the northeast, especially for the winter months. There are many factors to consider when choosing a heating option for your home. Efficiency and cost are two of the biggest. When it comes to heating your home, which is preferable, a heat pump, a furnace, or a boiler? There are pros…

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Drain Hacks: DIY Your Clog

drain cleaning

A clogged or slow drain may be annoying, but it doesn’t have to be a hard fix. There are quick and easy solutions to get your drain moving again you can try at home before calling in professional reinforcements. Most of these solutions involve things you have laying around your house.

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Back to School Savings! (At Home)

Back to School

It’s that time again, the kids are heading back to school and your home will be empty during the day. Just like the back to school savings you took advantage of at the store, you can also take advantage of savings in your home. Follow these tips to start your back to school savings: Have…

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Why is My R-22 Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Used AC

Air conditioners are meant to cool down temperatures, but did you know that an air conditioner itself could actually get too cold? That’s right, too cold. We know it’s hard to believe. Air conditioners can actually freeze up. There are a handful of reasons why an air conditioner may freeze up; we’ll dive a little…

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