You Going to Flush That?

May 30, 2014

Most of us are guilty of misusing our toilets at one time or another. We may realize intellectually that our toilet is not a portal into the unknown or the Island of Misfit Toys.  Yet, we act as if anything small enough to fit through the hole could be flushed. We store odds and end on the toilet tank lid and continue to leave the lid up while our children splash and play with water toys in the tub.  Yet, we don’t give much thought to what will happen when one, more or all of these objects fall in.  Some of us even use our toilets as a garbage disposal (who hasn’t dumped leftovers when the sink was already full?). 

While here at A.J. Perri, we will gladly come to the rescue of your toilet and various other plumbing mishaps.  However, we put together a Top Ten List of things to avoid flushing.  We thought we would share with you some of the most unusual things we have heard of clogging up a toilet so that you might learn from the mistakes of those before you, and get it out of your ‘system’.

Top Ten Things to Keep Out of Your Toilet

  1. Diapers- Yes, they stink.  But flushing them only fixes that problem momentarily.
  2. Bones- the kind from the chicken legs you served for dinner.  Maybe that’s how your kids are finishing so quickly?
  3. Stuffed Animals- maybe it’s not such a good idea to design stuffed animals to resemble sea creatures.
  4. Fruit Cores- Again, maybe that’s why your kids are eating so much fruit these days?
  5. Cell phones- guess this is one way to hold your calls.
  6. Plastic food- it’s cute when your little ones try to imitate you, until they practice doing the dishes in the toilet.
  7. Undergarments- do we need to elaborate?
  8. Toilet brush handles- yes, it is still a mystery as to how one child was able to get the entire brush to flush.
  9. Car keys- what do you need these for in the bathroom anyway?
  10. Your teeth- typically not the best for your oral hygiene.  We are sure this happens more than people care to admit.

Have any other items to add to the list? Contact us and we will send one of our licensed plumbers right over to fish it out.

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