Why You Need a New Air Conditioner

May 16, 2013

Have you looked into air conditioners in the past five years?  No?  Well, it’s time.  Today’s air conditioners are more efficient and affordable than ever.  If you need a good reason to convince you, we’ll give you several.

  1. New air conditioners are not just more efficient than ten years ago, they’re waaaay more efficient.  The average SEER rating of an air conditioner sold in 1997 was 10.7.  The minimum SEER required by law today is 13.  A unit that is rated at SEER of 13 is 30% more efficient than a unit rated at SEER 10; imagine saving 30% on your utility bill every month! Newer air conditioners pay for themselves quickly in the energy they save.
  2. The air quality in your home improves immediately with a new system.  An older air conditioner, even if it has been annually maintained, can still harbor some bacteria, dust, and mold and mildew.  A new model is clean as a whistle!  Anyone with breathing difficulties in your home will thank you.
  3. A newer, more efficient model will be better at keeping the temperature in your home consistently cool. The unit will cycle off and on less as a result, meaning less energy usage.
  4. You won’t have to worry that it’ll malfunction on the hottest days of the year.  Remove that little thought in the back of your head when the temperature climbs up, up, up that your old air conditioner isn’t up to the task of keeping your home comfortable. Emergency repairs can be quite costly, and technicians’ schedules fill up fast on extremely hot days.  You may have to wait for comfort for a few days if your system isn’t working.
  5. Energy-efficient units are better for the environment.  Not only do they use less energy, they also use R-410A, in place of R-22 (Freon), which is considered to be environmentally friendly because it does not deplete the ozone layer.
  6. There’s never been a better time…  For the rest of 2013, you may receive up to $300 in tax credits for purchasing a high-efficiency air conditioner. That’s in addition to the up to $1450 that Carrier is offering.  Two additional savings opportunities from A.J. Perri include $250 to recycle your air conditioner or $500 for a furnace and air conditioner together. There are additional credits for purchasing a new furnace as well; talk to an A.J. Perri sales professional for more information.

So, now that you’re ready…it’s time to make an appointment so that we may give you the best service in the area, the right size air conditioner for your needs, and comfort all summer long. source:  Eia.gov

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