Water Line Repair and Replacement

April 20, 2011

The first signs of a water service line, the water line which runs from the house to the street, leak are usually an abnormally high water bill or a soggy spot in the yard that never seems to dry. In the event you are experiencing either of these conditions, a quick response is absolutely necessary. Call a professional plumber immediately to repair water line issues. This type of problem only gets worse over time and costs you more in higher utility bills, while wasting a natural resource.

Common causes of water line damage:

  • Shifting soil
  • Ground temperature changes
  • Age of pipe
  • Type of pipe material – Galvanized, lead, copper
  • Tree and shrub roots

Problems leaking water can cause:

  • Erosion in your yard
  • Foundation damage
  • Seeping water into your crawlspace or basement

Water line repair or replacement is a big, dirty job best left to a professional. A reputable plumber can get the job done quickly and efficiently. They can help determine whether you are able to repair the problem or will need to replace part or all of the line. The experts at A.J. Perri, will be able to accurately locate the point of repair, properly diagnose and fix the source of your problem.

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