The Trouble with Pests

July 11, 2017


It's safe to say that most people don't like bugs and rodents. They're creepy, crawly, and some even bite. Your Heating/Cooling system and plumbing are no different. While they aren't afraid of pests, they can receive serious damage from the little guys.

In the summer, bugs and small animals are looking for safe, dark spaces to stay cool. Your Heating/Cooling system vents and plumbing are prime real estate. You may think it's harmless to have a few critters in your vents and pipes, but they can cause real damage.

The biggest issue to watch out for is the risk that these pests could cause a tear or hole in your ductwork, allowing air to leak out. Leaks can be costly fixes, especially if you have more than one. Infestations and dead pests can also reduce their air quality in your home causing you to breath in bacteria and germs. A buildup of dead bugs could also clog or damage vital parts of your system.

Pulling back that shower curtain to see bugs isn't something anyone hopes to find. While the bugs themselves are an issue, they can also be sign of something worse. A broken or leaky pipe. Pipes should be soldered shut and air tight. If bugs are getting in, there's an issue somewhere down the line. This is costing you money AND causing bugs to get in your home. Some bugs could even puncture plastic pipes in your walls. If you notice an influx of bugs, it may be time to investigate your plumbing.

The easy way to prevent pests from getting into your systems is to be aware. Notice when things change in your system and be aware of any openings bugs and rodents might be able to squeeze in. Place repellent around these areas of you home. Also know when pests might be seeking shelter. Drought can cause all kinds of animals to seek water wherever they can find it. Long periods of heavy rains can also send them looking for any place to stay dry.

No matter what damage pests do to your home, the professionals at A.J. Perri can fix your plumbing or Heating/Cooling system. Call them TODAY to fix the damage pests left behind!

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