Spring Cleaning Week

March 28, 2013

The last week in March has been dubbed “Spring Cleaning Week” and while clean baseboards are very nice, it’s important to ensure that your heating and cooling equipment, water, and air are clean as well. Don’t overlook the simple maintenance these systems require.

Heating and Cooling System:

Change the filter in your air handler.  While this should be done at least every three months, if it’s been a while, do it now.  It cleans the air and helps your heating and cooling system work more efficiently. Buy extra filters and keep them handy so you don’t have any excuse to replace it next time.

Have your air conditioner cleaned and tuned up.  It’ll be in top form during the warm months ahead, and you’ll get a heads-up if it needs any repair work. Scheduling it early virtually guarantees you’ll get an appointment that is convenient for you.

Take a walk around you air conditioner’s outdoor unit.  Make sure there aren’t any leaves, sticks, or debris around it that can block airflow.

Check the flapper on each toilet to be sure it’s still in good shape.  A worn-out flapper will leak and waste water and money. If you’re not sure how it should look, give us a call and we'll come check it out for you. 

Replace the battery in every smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector.  You’ll want to do it again in the fall—twice a year replacement ensures the batteries work when they’re needed.  Dust or vacuum each smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector as well to ensure that buildup doesn’t affect their performance.

Clean the blades and motor housing on each ceiling fan.  As the weather heats up, change the direction your fan turns from clockwise (winter setting) to counter-clockwise (summer setting).

Take a look inside your ducts.  If they look dirty, consider having them cleaned to avoid circulating dirty air throughout the house.  This is especially important if you’ve done any remodeling work in the house or have breathing difficulties.

Check that the area around your air purifier is clear.  Wipe down the outside to make sure there’s no dust buildup.  Change or clean filters as needed; check your owner’s manual to ensure you’re performing needed maintenance.

Replace the filters in every water filter in your home and make sure the unit itself is clean as well. Do the same for water softeners and any other water conditioner you own.

Get your dehumidifier ready for summer by giving it a thorough cleaning inside and out. Use a vacuum to ensure you’re getting all the accumulated dust and debris.  Change or clean the filter as needed. Check the humidistat to make sure it’s set correctly and give the water reservoir a good cleaning.

Humidifiers don’t need much maintenance beyond killing the mold and bacteria that can live inside a unit that isn’t cleaned regularly.  Make sure to disinfect as your user’s manual recommends.

Spring is here and as part of the deep cleaning that many of us do annually, make sure you add heating and cooling, air, and water to your to-do list.

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