Signs That You Should Call a Professional Plumber

May 13, 2010

Our homes are compromised of a series of complex systems.  These systems all require special care and maintenance.  One system in particular, the plumbing system, requires particular care if there is a problem.  While you may be able to complete some minor fixes yourself, most repairs require a professional plumber.  Identified below are some situations that will require the services of a professional plumber.

  • Flooded basement.  If you have a flooded basement, it may be the result of a blocked pipe or your pipes could have busted or cracked.  This is a problem that only a professional will have the knowledge and tools to address.  If you try to fix this yourself, you could cause additional damage and add to your expense.
  • Septic tank or sewer line damage.  Both septic tank and sewer line damage can be serious and very messy problems, and will require a trained professional.  This is especially true if the sewer lines run out to the street.  Special training is required for such a complicated job.  The repair  may also involve digging up property to get to the sewer line or septic tank.
  • Clogged drain or toilet.  If you have either a clogged drain or toilet, and they don’t become unclogged after trying a number of methods, the problem may be that the clog is further down in the drain.  A professional plumber will have the right tools to snake the line and clear the clog.  The pipes in your home are fragile so it is important that you are not rough on them and cause further damage.
  • Problems with gas line, water pump, and water heater.  Certain devices and components are best left to a professional plumber to handle and repair.  Gas lines can be particularly dangerous so you should not fiddle with the lines.  A plumber will have the correct equipment to safely locate the problem and repair it.

When it comes to plumbing problems, the system can be tricky, so if you have a serious problem, contact a plumber who will be able to diagnose and repair the problem safely and correctly the first time.

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