Plumbing Service Calls – How to Be Prepared

September 07, 2010

If you are a homeowner, at some point you are probably going to have a plumbing problem. Being prepared before, during and after a plumbing service call, can help you save time and money!

Before you call a plumber. Have a list of any problems you are experiencing before you call. If you can group several plumbing problems together in one service call you’ll save money. Try to reproduce the problem so you can show the plumber when he/she arrives. Also try to locate any original paperwork that can identify model or part numbers of the products involved.

Calling for service. Be very specific when talking to the plumber on the phone. Don’t tell them you have a leak in the bathroom if in actuality the toilet is where the leak is located. Provide as much detail over the phone as you can, such as size, part, model numbers or any previous history of the problem. Since there are so many brands and parts it helps the plumber to come prepared and allows them to complete your job quicker.

Before plumber arrives. If you have a pet it helps to remove or restrain them before the plumber arrives. Empty any cabinets or sinks where work will be performed. And also make sure to clear a path if work is being done on a water heater or in a crawl space.

During a service call. Explain as best you can the problem you are experiencing. Include in this conversation any previous work that has been done on this problem. This may help lower the plumbing bill and will likely speed up the amount of time to complete the job.

Before plumber leaves. Make sure you inspect the work and that your expectations are met. Also don’t forget to ask any questions you may have on this or any future projects.

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