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I Want It That Way: Put Your Plumbing in Vacation Mode

Young family with two children packing for holiday

Before you pack your bags and find your way to the nearestbeach or snow-capped mountain, take a minute to think about what your plumbingwill do while you’re gone. Will it stay in perfect working order? Will it takeit upon itself to run up your water bill? Put down the suitcase and run throughthis list to put your plumbing in vacation mode.

1. Turn Off Your Water

Stop any potential disasters before they get a chance tostart by turning off your main water valve. If a plumbing disaster occurs whileyou’re away and your water is still on, your pipes will flood until someoneintervenes. If your system doesn’t require continuous water—and you don’t findthe idea of coming back to a water park inside your home particularlyenjoyable—turn it off.

2. Open Up Your Faucets

Once you turn your water off, make sure to open your faucetsto allow the remaining water to drain out.

3. Drain Your Appliances

Shut off the individual valves to your dishwasher, washingmachine, etc. Allowing water to sit in these areas could create mildew, mold,and a myriad of unpleasant odors.

4. Drain Your Sprinklers

One last thing to drain! If the bout of warmer weather inNew Jersey has caused you to turn on your sprinkler system, make sure to shutit off and drain it for the reasons listed above.

5. Clear Your Gutters

Remove leaves, sticks and other debris from your gutters sothat they can effectively drain rainwater while you’re away. Don’t let a summerstorm turn into a flooded foundation for your home.

6. Set Your Water Heater on Low

Avoid extra energy costs by setting your water heater to lowwhile you’re away. (Unless you have an on-demandwater heater tankless, in which case, don’t worry! It only runs when youneed it.)

7. Call a Friend to Check-In

If you’re worried about your plumbing while you’re away, aska friend or neighbor to check in in your absence. Or call an expert to makesure everything is running in tip-top shape before you head off on your vacation.

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