7 Ways To Reduce Your Home's Energy Bills This Winter

February 01, 2024

The arrival of winter prompts New Jersey homeowners to search for information on the topic of how to keep the electric bill down in winter. Of course, energy conservation is not just good for your budget, since it also helps to protect the natural environment.

Let’s delve into seven easy tips on how to save on your energy bill in winter while still staying warm and cozy. We’ll discuss approaches to winter energy efficiency for homeowners who want to use a smart or programmable thermostat when using their HVAC system for optimal heating and cooling.

1. Find and Close Gaps and Leaks

To reduce home heating costs this winter, a quick way to get started is by identifying gaps and leaks at doors, windows, attic hatches, chimneys, pipes, and power outlets. Seal leaks with plastic film, weatherstripping, or curtains.

2. Program a Smart Thermostat

If you don’t have a “smart” thermostat, now would be a good time to install one. Reduce power bills by cranking down the programmable thermostat by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit while you’re at work 8 hours per day or otherwise out and about.

The thermostat lets you set a schedule, such as to use the HVAC system less when you’re not home on the weekends. New smart thermostats let you control them via smartphone or by voice command. Call us for advice on the best thermostat option for your family.

3. Schedule Annual Maintenance

A helpful tip for how to reduce your gas bill in winter is to arrange annual maintenance from A.J. Perri. Our experts will tune up the heating systems while cleaning and checking all components.

We recommend you clean or swap out the air filter according to the manufacturer’s suggestions since blocked air filters make the system struggle to keep up with heating and cooling demands. Homeowners with pellet or wood-burning heaters need to clean the flue vent and the interior of the equipment regularly.

4. Install Lights and Appliances That Use Energy More Efficiently

When it’s time to remodel or upgrade your home’s lighting and appliances, search for units that are as energy efficient as possible. Doing so saves you money while lowering your family’s carbon footprint. Ideally, you’ll purchase appliances bearing the Energy Star seal of certification, as conforming to the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency for efficiency. For instance, you’ll find that LED lightbulbs use much less power than conventional incandescent bulbs.

5. Boost Your Dwelling’s Insulation

When you improve insulation, your home will lose less heat, making it less expensive to stay warm during the winter. You won’t need to run the HVAC system as much because of the efficiency that comes from insulation and its heat-retaining characteristics. “Going green” is a goal for many families, which helps the environment while costing less in power bills.

6. Install a Heat Pump

Heat pumps move air without needing to consume energy to cool or heat it first. They move heated air from inside the home during summer, dumping it outside. The process reverses during the winter, keeping your family warm when it’s brutally chilly outside. For folks wondering how to save money on my heating bill during winter, a heat pump is more efficient than a standard furnace, producing more heat than the energy needed to run the system. Options for heat pump systems include:

  • Ductless mini-split
  • Geothermal
  • Air-source

The experts at A.J. Perri will walk you through the options for the best heat pump solution for your family.

7. Adjust Your Family’s Behavior to Save on Utility Bills

For hot weather economizing and cold weather cost savings, consider adjusting your habits. Get started with these easy changes:

  • Run the shower for five minutes instead of 10 minutes.
  • Wash clothes in cold water to reduce power used for heating.
  • Use a power strip to avoid consuming “standby” power.
  • Turn off appliances and lights when not in use.

We offer these seven tips to help you optimize your home and make it less expensive to operate.

As you can see, changing your family’s routines in small ways can result in big savings on your power bills each winter. Installing energy-efficient appliances, adjusting your smart thermostat, and sealing gaps and leaks are great ways to lower your electric bill in the winter.

A.J. Perri Is Standing By to Help You Cut Costs and Stay Comfortable All Year Round

Enjoy the benefits of lowered utility bills and a more efficient heating and cooling system with the help of the experts at A.J. Perri. We have years of experience helping our customers reduce their power bills, whether running systems on electricity or gas. To support your vision of a more affordable home that is also environmentally sustainable, our HVAC team is standing by to consult with you, determining the correct system for the size of your home. With our help, you’ll enjoy cozy winters and comfortable summers, despite the fluctuating temperatures outside. You can rely on our expertise and experience to make your home operate more efficiently.

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Last Updated: February 01, 2024