Keep Your Home Free of Plumbing Leaks This Spring

April 09, 2024

April is often synonymous with seasonal rain showers—at least it is in our eastern state of New Jersey. As homeowners, it’s just something we expect as the seasons change. But one thing we don’t expect is bringing those wet days indoors. Yep, we’re talking about your plumbing! If you’ve come across wet issues such as stained ceilings, unexplained puddles, or leaky faucets inside your home, it’s quite possible your plumbing is trying to tell you something.

Think you may have a plumbing leak? Here are seven signs that indicate you could.

7 Signs You May Have a Plumbing Leak

As always, A.J. Perri has your back when it comes to AC tune-ups and HVAC maintenance. But we’re also in your corner when plumbing leaks arise.

You may have a plumbing leak if…

1. You have noticed an increase in water bills.

If your water bills have increased unexpectedly, and your municipal water rates haven’t changed, this indicates more water is being used in your home than you think. This could be due to a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. If you can’t visibly see water strains or puddling in odd places, it’s wise to call on a master plumber for help. Our pros can use our advanced technology systems and help determine where that leak may be (if you have one), so you aren’t wasting water.

2. You see mildew or mold.

As you may already know, mildew or mold are some of the first signs that something may be amiss with your plumbing. These culprits are typically found in warm, damp areas of your home. And they often signal that there could be an interior leak somewhere in your pipe system. A professional plumbing check is the best way to find the source of the leak and get it taken care of quickly.

3. You are experiencing low water pressure.

Have you noticed weak or low water pressure lately? When it comes to showers, you know how strong you like your water pressure. However, if your showers have turned from showering to sprinkling, you may have a problem. Low water pressure could mean that water is being diverted from one area to another, due to leaks, a blockage, or another issue. Again, we can find the problem and solve it fast.

4. You smell a musty odor every time you enter your home.

Leaks that go undetected for a while will give off a musty odor. If you’re noticing an odd, musty, mildew-like smell every time you enter your home, it could signal that water is lying hidden somewhere— possible for quite some time. But don’t panic. Call us! We’ll find the leak and solve the issue.

5. You notice water stains on the ceiling.

Water stains on the ceiling are typically an indicator that your roof is leaking or that you have an interior plumbing leak. However, if your new to your home, it’s possible the problem has been addressed prior to your move-in, and you simply need to clean the stain. However, you won’t know for certain until you let a professional do a thorough check.

6. Paint or wallpaper starts to peel.

Sometimes peeling paint or bubbling wallpaper can mean there is moisture within your walls. If you’ve noticed unexplained paint peeling and falling wallpaper, give our pros a call and we’ll investigate the issue.

7. There are cracks in your foundation or dry wall.

Houses can experience small cracks as they age. But a sudden crack in your dry wall or foundation that keeps getting larger can signify a leaky pipe. If you noticed that cracks keep getting bigger, give us a call.

Stay Dry This Spring

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Last Updated: April 29, 2024