Is Summer the Right Time to Replace Your Furnace?

July 05, 2019

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Summer brings a lot of to-dos to mind. The sun is shining, the temperature is high, and the pools are open. Most of us aren’t thinking about the cold winter ahead or whether our furnace is up to the task. But summer is the perfect time to replace your furnace. Read on to learn why:

You Have Time to Research

Most furnaces last ten to fifteen years before their ongoing maintenance, repairs, and utility costs outweigh those of a replacement. While you could try to let your furnace brave another winter, you have the luxury of time to research your options this summer. So, if you decide that replacing is the right move for you and your family, there’s plenty of warm summer months ahead to weigh the costs and benefits of your new furnace options.

It’ll Save You Time

Most tune-ups and general maintenance calls happen in the spring and fall as our customers prepare for the summer and winter months ahead. If you purchase your heater off-season, you may just find an appointment time in our schedule that’s perfect for you.

You’ll Save Money

As with the ebb and flow of any inventory cycle, you can find savings if you buy your furnace out-of-season. A.J. Perri is offering up to $2000* off Carrier® High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling Systems. Don’t miss the deal!

You’ll Get Peace of Mind

Why stress about whether your furnace will hold up when winter strikes? If you replace your furnace this summer, you can rest easy knowing that you’re all set for winter. And when you choose A.J. Perri, your purchase is protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

With over 52 years of experience, you can depend on A.J. Perri to provide quality work and skilled technicians every time. Talk to an A.J. Perri technician about your furnace replacement options today (732) 733-2548!

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