How Spring Weather Affects Your System

April 19, 2019


You need April showers to bring May flowers but spring storms aren’t always kind to your heating and air conditioning system. There are several major ways extreme weather can affect your system; be aware of the following:

Flying debris

With potentially drastic changes in temperatures, you’re more likely to experience harsh storms. All of that wind can cause flying debris that could possibly impact an outdoor component, such as condensers or piping. Debris can also become lodged in your unit and prevent it from operating which can lead to an electrical overload and short out the condenser motor.

Lightning strikes

It doesn’t have to be a direct strike on your system to cause damage. Even a lightning strike nearby can hit a power line and cause a power surge in your home. You may end up needing a fuse replaced or a new system if the power surge hits the electrical components in your unit.

Water damage

Here comes the rain! Water can find its way into openings that lead to your condenser or home. This can cause rusting and water damage. Damaged components will need replacing sooner rather than later. To ensure your home can survive spring storms, consider contacting an expert HVAC technician at A.J. Perri before the next storm warning announcement.

Schedule an appointment with an A.J. Perri technician to learn if your heating and air conditioning system can outlast the spring weather in New Jersey.


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