Holiday Plumbing Problems

November 28, 2012

The holidays are hard on plumbing; chances are at some point, you may experience some problems.  How can we help? A. J. Perri is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week offering several plumbing services that you may need.  Every company offers its own unique combination of services.  Ours includes the following:

  • Water heaters – We install both traditional and tankless water heaters.  We service them as well. Whether your water heater simply needs a pressure relief valve replaced or is beyond hope and must be replaced, our professionals will ensure you have plenty of hot water, on your budget.
  • Sewer lines – Sewer lines can be clogged, crushed by tree roots, dislodged by shifting soil, or may simply fail due to age.  A.J. Perri offers video inspection of pipes so you can be sure that every pipe issue is solved. We also perform trenchless repairs, so that your landscaping isn’t sacrificed to your sewer repairs.
  • Pipes – Your pipes may be leaking, cracked or clogged. We can help fix them, replace them, and clear them.  When it’s cold outside and your pipes freeze, we’ll use our electric pipe defroster to thaw them and then fix any pipes that may have burst. We can also use our video inspection equipment to inspect any pipes in your home.
  • Fixtures – Sure, you could repair or replace your old, chipped, ugly fixtures and faucets yourself. But why chance having them leak, struggling to get them to fit, or  possibly  damagingyour cabinets or flooding your kitchen…call us; we’re professionals.  We’ll do the job correctly, safely, and efficiently.  Plus, our work is guaranteed.
  • Toilets – We repair and replace toilets. With the current laws about water efficiency in toilets, and all the working parts, it’s just a good idea to call the professionals.  We are happy to do the job that you really don’t want to do.
  • Garbage Disposals – Not only difficult to work on, but dangerous.  Without proper training, you could seriously injure yourself, to the point of losing a finger.  Let our experts  diagnose the issues you are having with your disposal and recommend the correct replacement for your use.  
  • Sump Pumps – Most homeowners with basements or crawl spaces experience flooding or water penetration at some point.  Sump pumps are useful to keep any water out, saving potentially thousands of dollars in damage. If you have a basement, a sump pump is a must.  Also be sure to ask us about a water powered back up system.

Every plumbing company offers their own menu of pluming services; we’ve developed ours to serve your needs.  If you have any plumbing needs this holiday season, call us.  We’re here to help, day and night.

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