Help Prevent the Flu in Your Home

December 08, 2020

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Help Prevent the Flu in Your Home

Now that everyone is getting cozy indoors for the holidays, let’s talk about something in the air. Unfortunately, it is not the smell of holiday cookies or a turkey roasting. We are talking about the flu virus, which is spread most commonly through the air and on household surfaces during the colder and dryer months of the year. The current pandemic has everyone more concerned than usual with viruses and germs. Many any homeowners are wondering what the best way is to prevent the spread of the not-so-welcome visitor known as influenza.

Swipe it

Most people turn to sanitizing surfaces in their homes to protect themselves from the flu. Cleaners that kill the flu virus are readily available at most stores and can be used liberally in bathrooms, on kitchen counters and even on doorknobs. These cleaners get the job done, but they may also leave behind a chemical smell that some may find bothersome.

Light it

Ultraviolet lamps can be a great alternative to chemical wipes. By simply spreading a UV light over a surface, bacteria and viruses can be decreased substantially. This method is handy for keyboards, mouse pads, phones and other small areas that are touched often and therefore tend to contain high numbers of the flu virus. It is important to remember that, although sanitizing surfaces is vital in maintaining a healthy household, the flu virus also lives in the very air you breathe in your home.

Catch it

The professionals at A.J. Perri are invested in keeping you and your family healthy this season, which is why we carry a valuable product called the Air Scrubber by Aerus. The Air Scrubber installs directly into your current HVAC system and begins working immediately to clean the air with UV light waves. Air filters are another way to bring whole-house filtration into your daily living. We recommend several types of air filters, so if you have any questions, feel free to call us at (732) 733-2548, and a trained professional can assist you!

Wet it

Beyond air filters, it is helpful to remember that the flu virus actually likes dry air. Therefore, it may be appropriate to invest in an air humidifier for the fall, winter and spring when the air tends to be less humid. Portable humidifiers make it easy to create the right amount of humidity in each room. A tool called a hygrometer, available in most home stores, gives you a digital reading of your home’s humidity, allowing you to make sure you are falling in the preferred range of 40 to 60 percent humidity.

This year, it is more imperative than ever that we keep our homes and families healthy. Investing in air filters, humidifiers and other methods of keeping viruses at bay is a great way to ensure that you are doing everything you can to get through the season without contracting the flu virus. To your good health!


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