The Importance of Garage Ventilation

June 05, 2019


Why should you care about garage ventilation? Garages are the perfect place to store cars, lawn mowers, pesticides, and spare paint cans—all of which give off harmful chemicals, especially once the summer heat hits. Taking the time to ensure your garage has proper ventilation will help eliminate these fumes and benefit the health of your household.

Why Ventilation Matters

Without proper ventilation, the toxins from the fumes inside your garage can build to such a high level that they infiltrate your home. (They can also sneak in when you open your door to go inside).

Carbon monoxide, in particular, has a molecular density so low that it can permeate through the walls of your garage and into your living space.

Heat is another reason for proper ventilation. As summer temperatures rise, the heat in an unventilated garage skyrockets. This heat then radiates through your walls and into your home, making your air conditioner work extra hard to keep your home cool. It runs longer to compensate for the extra heat and your utility bills rise.

How to Ventilate

The easiest step to take in garage ventilation is to keep your garage door open while you work. Whether you’re using the saw for a home improvement project or opening a bag of fertilizer for your garden, an open door will diffuse the fumes.

Another way to ensure your garage is getting proper ventilation is to clean your ducts. Over time, ducts accumulate dust, dirt, and mold, so it’s important to have them cleaned regularly by an A.J. Perri technician.

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