Fighting Spring Allergies

April 26, 2017

spring allergies

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Birds are chirping; flowers are blooming. And while those flowers are beautiful, they also mean the air is FULL of pollen. If you don’t have a pollen allergy, consider yourself lucky. There are, however, many other allergens that could be itching your eyes this spring. The most common allergens in New Jersey are tree pollen, mold, ragweed, grass, and weeds.

The levels of pollen vary year to year, and even day to day. That’s why you have to work to prevent allergies before they start. Prevention and limited exposure are the best ways to avoid severe allergies this spring. Here are a few steps you can take to fight allergies this spring!

  1. Limit exposure outdoors on days with high pollen and allergen counts

  2. Wash off shoes, toys, and anything you bring into your home

  3. Change your clothes upon returning indoors

  4. Choose low pollen/spore landscaping

  5. Take allergy medicine at the first sign of symptoms

  6. Drink plenty of water

  7. Install a whole-home air purifying system or UV Germicidal lamp

An air purifying system not only keeps allergens from coming into your home’s air, it cleans and humidifies your air. A whole-home air purifying system helps remove pollen and allergens you bring into your home. It also works to help kill mold and bacteria inside your HVAC system to give you family the cleanest possible air. UV Lamps also help kill mold and bacteria that made their way onto your air conditioning coils. The fresher your air is inside, the less time you send exposed to potential allergens. Your family deserves the cleanest possible air. Consider installing a whole-home air purifying system today.

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