Everything you need to know about sewer jetting

June 03, 2021

sewer jetting

Simple blocked drains are plain annoying, but you may not like what you see when it becomes a chronic problem. Blocked drains can cause significant disruptions to homes and cause unhealthy environments if sewage backs up into your sink or shower. Situations like these are where our team of experts at A.J. Perri may recommend sewer jetting. If you’re unfamiliar with this process and want to clear major blockages in your New Jersey home, you’ve come to the right place.

What is sewer jetting?

When you’ve got a drain blockage, most people turn to liquid drain cleaners. While this can be a quick fix, it’s likely a temporary solution. Not to mention liquid drain cleaners can corrode your pipes and become hazardous to your health. That’s where sewer jetting, also called hydro jetting, comes into play. Professionals at A.J. Perri will pump pressurized water via a hose and nozzle into the drain. This helps loosen blockages and pushes unwanted material into the main sewer line that collects wastewater. The water is so strong it can blast through tree roots and wood. It’s considered a safe option in that it doesn’t utilize any chemicals.

What causes blocked sewer drains?

Blocked drains are common and can result from lifestyle factors, or the type of piping used when the home was constructed. Items like hair, wet wipes, grease, cooking oil, and other food particles can cause significant problems for drains. There is also the material of the pipe itself that may decay over time due to tree root invasion and mineral buildup.

How can you spot a chronic drain problem?

While there are obvious signs of a chronic drain issue like water stopped up in the sink, there are other signs you may miss unless you pay careful attention. If you find foul smells coming from your drains or water backs up in other areas of your home when the toilet is flushed, you may have a bigger problem than you thought.

What not to do when you spot a problem

You can fix a lot of things around your home yourself, but we don’t recommend adding sewer jetting to the list. This process requires special tools used by skilled professionals to ensure the job is done correctly.

If you have a sink or shower that is slow to drain or backing up, call A.J. Perri to learn more about your options at (732) 733-2548.


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