Egg-citing Spring Cleaning Hacks

April 08, 2020

spring cleaning

Let’s tune up your home and HVAC system with some of these egg-citing spring cleaning hacks from A.J. Perri! We want to help ensure that your New Jersey home is clean and efficient throughout the year, and spring is a great time for a good, deep clean. So crank the tunes, get out the vacuum and get to cleaning!

Avoid Allergies by Dusting Often

Dust and dirt can accumulate on your surfaces, and in your HVAC system, without frequent cleaning. Keeping clutter to a minimum will help reduce surfaces for dust to collect. Do you hate cleaning the window blinds? Try the hack of using a pair of tongs wrapped in microfiber cloths to clean your blinds in half the time.

Wait for Clouds to Clean Windows

Speaking of windows, cleaning them can allow more sunlight into your home, which will help make it feel warmer on cool spring days. However, be sure to wait for a cloudy day to wash windows, because the sun can make your windows dry too quickly and leave annoying streaks.

Time Yourself

Are you a major procrastinator when it comes to cleaning? One way to encourage you and your family to clean is to time yourself. This will help you work more quickly, and you might surprise yourself by being willing to clean more often if you realize it takes less time than you realized.

Remember your Filter

A.J. Perri recommends you clean, inspect or change your HVAC filter once a month. Inspecting the filter often will keep your system running efficiently — saving you time, money and energy. Set a reminder for yourself on your phone to make sure this gets done regularly.

Clean Outside Too

As it gets warmer, you’ll want to spend more time outside, and that will be much more enjoyable if your outdoor living space is clean and well maintained. You can also take this time to remove leaves or debris that may have accumulated around your outdoor HVAC unit to help improve its performance this spring and summer

Schedule an A/C Tune-up

As you take care of your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget to let the professionals check off the items that you can’t! Schedule with the expert technicians at A.J. Perri before the end of April and you can get your A/C tune-up for just $49!

We hope these egg-citing spring cleaning hacks will help you start tuning up your home today. Don’t forget that you can schedule online or via phone at (732) 733-2548 to set up your visit with A.J. Perri and keep your HVAC system in tune for spring.

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