CSI (“Comfort Service Investigators”)

December 22, 2009

Do you need a CSI? Is your water bill suddenly a lot higher?  Are some rooms in your home just not as comfortable as you would like them to be, too hot or too cold?  Are you concerned about the quality of air you are breathing?  Is your home too dry this winter? Is your heating system not working?  Our qualified “Comfort Service Investigators” can investigate all of these issues. 

We don’t really call them CSI’s, more like technicians, plumbers and comfort consultants; but together we can find solutions to all of your home comfort issues.

Too Hot or Too Cold Areas in Your Home: An A.J. Perri professional can assess your home and help determine the causes.  A zoning system may be a helpful solution to your problem.  A forced air zoning system uses multiple thermostats and automatic dampers in your home’s ductwork, to intelligently control the airflow to every register in your home.  It directs the heated or cooled air only to the areas that require it.  Since one thermostat is not “smart” enough to adequately sense your comfort needs everywhere throughout your home, a zoning system puts a thermostat in all the different areas of your home to guide the air exactly where it needs to be and stop it from going where it is no longer needed.

Another possibility is that your home is not insulated well enough.  Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow and is essential to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A well-insulated and well-designed home will provide year-round comfort and can cut cooling and heating bills by up to half.

Plumbing Leaks: If your water bill suddenly increases over what you paid last month there is a very good chance you have a water leak.  If you haven’t noticed anything unusual it may be hard to locate.  An A.J. Perri plumber can investigate the source of your leak and fix it, preventing any further damage to your home.

Air Quality:  Indoor air quality is a growing concern in our society today. Americans on average spend 70% of their time indoors and according to the American Lung Association the quality of our indoor air can be up to FIVE TIMES worse than the outside air. That’s a pretty scary statistic! One of our A.J. Perri professionals can test, assess and remediate your indoor air quality problems.

Air too dry:  Controlling the humidity levels in your home greatly influences the comfort you will experience.  Your home will feel most comfortable at humidity levels between 30 – 50%. We need humidity for our comfort and health but too much or too little can produce many difficulties for homeowners. You can call an A.J. Perri professional to test, assess and remediate your indoor air quality problems and they will recommend a solution that works best for you.

Heating: If your heating system suddenly doesn’t work or is not heating as well as it should, contacting an A.J. Perri professional will put them on the case.  They can determine if your system just needs to be cleaned and serviced or if repair is necessary.  If it looks like your system is at the end of its life, an A.J. Perri professional can let you know what you heating options are for replacement. 

Remember, if you’re having any home comfort issues contact the professionals at A.J. Perri today, our technicians will investigate your problem and find a solution that works for you!


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